Locally Sourced Issue #1

  • Locally Sourced Issue #1

Locally Sourced is a zine containing writing about games as well as a bundle of tabletop and video games packaged with it, all by people from the state of Michigan! Purchase of the physical zine also comes with a code for the digital version that includes the games bundle.

Issue #1 has a cover by dr!p, layout by FEYXUAN, and articles include:
Interview with Neil Jones about Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield - Steven Zavala
Buried Deep, the Hidden Gems of Mobile - Lily Valeen
WolverineSoft Studio - Nikhil Ghosh and Amber Renton
The Bug That Breaks Bethesda’s PC Ports - Schala Walls
Modern Communal Gaming - Jonathan Myer
The Lost World of HeroMUD - Michael Klamerus

This issue's games include:
ParaMonsters and the Haunted Escape Room (Win) by Moon Metro Digital
The Church of Cheesus Crisp: An All You can Pray Buffet (Win) by Oil Leak Games
10 Paces: Reloaded (Physical) by Wannabe Games
Drew & the Floating Labyrinth (Win/Mac/Linux) by Dust Scratch Games

You can check out a digital version of the zine here: